Parking revenues are known to stall. Until Prompt Parking takes the wheel.

At the right spot, at the right time.

Prompt Parking is a full-service parking site leasing, management, and maintenance company. We operate residential/commercial facilities across New York and New Jersey. Since 1991, we’ve driven high-revenue traffic to our client sites, while offering a reliable parking network to our subscribed user base.

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About Prompt Parking Services

When done right,

It’s a walk in the park

We understand properties, tenants and drivers.


Witnessing the parking struggle

Prompt’s leadership hails from many years in residential property management. We always saw how parking created a common issue for both owners and tenants, and recognized that someone would come along and build the right bridge between the two. So we came along and did just that.


Finding a place for everyone

Different users have different needs: Some need car parking for the day, while others look to park their vehicles on a monthly/annual basis. Our focus is on offering the right location, facility, spot and support to each user, so they know their vehicle is in the right hands. And at their fingertips.


Putting it all on automatic

The average building owner doesn’t have a minute to spare in their hectic day. Prompt Parking promises a seamless, autonomous experience. Your facility is properly managed, maintained and maximized—without you lifting a finger. Leave it up to our experts, and expect the checks in the mail.

You’re still in the driver’s seat

Client or user, you remain in control


Access to Your


Scheduling &
Parking Allowances


Performance &
Parking Reports