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What services do you offer?
Prompt Parking provides a complete parking solution that benefits landlords, tenants, and daily drivers. We manage and maintain parking facilities; supervise the facilities’ ongoing operations; and handle all client relations.

How do I benefit from outsourcing my parking facility?
Partnering with us eliminates the hassles of ongoing facility maintenance and individual tenants management, while creating a new revenue stream without any work on your part.

What do your maintenance services include?
We maintain vehicular doors, gates, lighting system, and signage; provide parking space striping and numbering; and help keep the facility clean.

Do you operate both indoor and outdoor facilities?
Yes. We operate garages, lots, and other designated parking areas.

Do you operate both valet parking and self park facilities?

What territories do you currently cover?
We are focused on the New York and New Jersey markets, with more territories in the pipeline.

I currently do not charge for parking. How can you create revenue?
Introduce a monthly fee for new tenants, as well as for tenants with two or more vehicles.

Can you support tenant emergencies or unexpected guests after hours?
Yes. We operate daily until 11PM.

How do you enforce compliance?
Many of our facilities under our care are driven by an individual computerized remote control system, which allows us to monitor each individual tenant, and deny entry if necessary. We also perform rotational patrols.

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