Owner FAQs


How would I benefit by outsourcing my parking facility?
Eliminate the hassle of dealing with individual tenants.
Eliminate the hassle of daily garage maintenance.

What maintenance do you offer?
We maintain the doors, gates, lighting, and keep the facility clean.

Do you operate both indoor and outdoor facilities?

What areas do you cover?
New York and New Jersey

I currently do not charge for parking, how can you create revenue?
Initiate a monthly fee for new tenants, and for tenants with two or more vehicles.

In the event a tenant has an emergency or unexpected guests after office hours, are you available?
Yes, we are available daily until 11 P.M.

How do you enforce compliance?
a) All our facilities operate with an individual computerized remote control system, which allows us to monitor each individual tenant, and deny entry if necessary.
b) Perform spot patrols.